POEM is a band that represent the modern Progressive Metal scene of Greece and “Unique” is their brand-new, third album that was awaited with great expectations.Debuting in 2009 with“The Great Secret Show”, a debut that was highly acclaimed presenting a blend of styles from classic Metal, Art Rock and modern Progressive and followed by the 2016 “Skein Syndrome” that established them among the new big hopefuls of the Progressive / Post Metal scene, offering some incredible song-writing moments like “Weakness” and a far more mature and defined sound. The band now unleashes their new effort aiming even higher. From the opening notes (and songs) it is clearly witnessed that the band has full confidence both for the direction they want to follow and how to execute these ideas. The bonding and the live performances helped them gain this and the third album sound definitely far more matured, focused, defined and consistent. Their blend of Progressive Rock, classic Metal and modern Post-Metal sound far more thick and solid and most of the material has this superior song-writing aura. On the other hand I personally miss some of the song-writing quality that “Skein Syndrome” had and in “Unique” is somehow more indistinguishable. “Unique” is not so accessible or easy-listening as an album and this may be a small drawback but I am pretty sure that all fans of the New or Modern Progressive Post Metal sound will find it fascinating, establishing POEM among the top Greek bands of this genre.

8.0 / 10