Poem are a living example of what a band can achieve in such short time if they are working the right way. With the excellent “Unique” still playing loud in my speakers and the expectancy of their upcoming live show, the progsters from Athens answer happily to our questions. Interview: George Terzakis

Rockpages.gr: Hey guys. “Unique” is almost one year old. What happened in the band since then?

Stavros Rigos: Hey George. It’s true, “Unique” is one year old and we decided to celebrate this with a live show to a well-known venue, Kyttaro Live in the center of Athens. When it was released, we went of to our first co-headline tour that lasted 15 days. After our return home, we played in various festivals in Greece and abroad and did some changes in our management.

Rockpages.gr: What were the reviews for it, compared to “Skein Syndrome”?

George Prokopiou: In both albums, the reviews from Greece and other countries were very satisfying, as both releases were followed by a tour. This shows that people listened to them a lot. We are very happy of how everyone reacted in these two.

Rockpages.gr: What is the lyrical content in this one and what makes it so…unique to you?

Stavros Rigos: The concept of “Unique” has to do about the fact that we are “unique”, but at the same time we are not. A madman, who is on the album cover, is expressing a reality of his own and at the same time lives the consequences of his “uniqueness”, in the behavior of others. What is for everyone “unique” or “real” is purely subjective. Through the songs we analyze the mentality of this “madman” and this particularity we express in the lyrics.

Rockpages.gr: What do you think now, when you listen to it? Would you change anything if you had the chance?

George Prokopiou: Probably we would change stuff, but not because we don’t like what we made, but because there are always many different ideas and approaches.
Rockpages.gr: You released it two years after “Skein Syndrome”, so luckily for us we didn’t have to wait more. Did you have any songs ready or it was all from scratch?

Laurence Bergström: There were parts we left aside and in the process were included in the compositions. Also, completely new ideas. But there wasn’t a song 100% ready.

Rockpages.gr: How is an ordinary composition process for Poem?

Stavros Rigos: There are always ideas that bloom and end up in songs. All members participate in this. We take ideas left aside or we bring our own inspiration or we jam together. It’s all included.

Rockpages.gr: It seems that the inspiration never ends. Especially George keeps releasing albums the last three years if we include Mother Of Millions. When we should wait the next one?

George Prokopiou: Yes, it’s true! Haha! New Poem album will be released before the end of 2019.

Rockpages.gr: What are your strongest memories from you journey so far?

George Prokopiou: All the tours we mace have marked/influenced/taught us a lot. We gain from everything, when we play to a festival, when we meet other bands, promoters, fans or when we open for a big artist/band. There isn’t anything particular to say because every experience is unique.
Rockpages.gr: You have made a strong name in Greece and tours abroad with huge names. Where a new band should focus in order to achieve something like that?

Stavros Rigos: They should focus in patience and being down to the ground because no one waits for anyone with roses in their hands. They should work hard and focused and be ready to eat dirt at any moment. They also should be ready to spend a lot, like opening a store that needs a fund to start doing business. And strong stomach of course.

Rockpages.gr: You live show is something that I’m looking forward to. Tell us a few words about the support band and what should we expect from it.

Laurence Bergström: We will have with us Nochnoy Dozor, a new band with very special sound and two amazing female voices and Groove Therapist who count some years in the scene and are theatric on stage. We will make a trip to the past, from the first album and we will arrive to this day playing songs from “Unique”, through a very special show that I won’t describe. Come and see for yourselves.

Rockpages.gr: Plans for the near future?

George Prokopiou: As mentioned before, a new album before the end of the year, tour before the end of the year and as many live shows as we can.

Rockpages.gr: Thank you very much for you time. The last words belong to you.

Poem: We are waiting all of you, of Friday the 15th of February to Kyttaro Live to have fun, drink beers and sing old and new songs.

Source: https://www.rockpages.gr/en/interviews/item/9848-poem