By RaNa Atef – Stories from the Aegean Part II

Poem is one of the celebrated Progressive Metal bands. Also, they are one of the most successful Progressives Metal bands in Greece. 2018 was a great year for Poem: new album “Unique” and various performances around the world.
We started with Poem’s latest blooming album “Unique”, “2018 was a great year, that’s true! The concept of the album is related to a mad man that we people try to change, through medical prescriptions and other stuff like that.

The mad man is a metaphor and we mean to underline that the society tries to change us, manipulate us, from everything that we are or we want to be, so that they can have control over our brains and bodies.

Unfortunately, his is how the society works. It’s better to make sure that we’ll be divided (by we, we mean all people) by not accepting each other’s uniqueness, instead of being all together against the big heads.

Regarding our music background, we really respect Pink Floyd, Tool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and so so many other artists and bands. Of course we are affected by the society and what’s happening around us.”

He added, “The audience liked it very much, no complains!”

This year, Poem performed in Armenia for the first time, Bergstorm expressed regarding this experience, “We had a great time in Armenia and the guys there were really friendly! Unfortunately it was raining very hard and we couldn’t perform the day that we were supposed to.

However we had the opportunity to perform the very next day and of course that was nice. The other bands were of course polite and friendly – as most bands are! We grabbed a couple of beers together, it was fun!”

Bergstorm revealed to us his point of view about the Greek Metal Scene, “In Greece we have a great number of Metal and Rock bands and to be honest the level is very high. We have excellent bands and musicians!

Don’t miss the opportunity to search a little bit the metal scene of Greece, you’ll be amazed. Generally we are good friends with many of them and we are always open for sharing our experiences with each other.

Regarding the promoters, the rule is the same. If people respect each other and behave as professionals, everything is good!”

He continued, “2018 was a good year, great releases, good tours and good gigs. We think that 2019 will be even better.”

We asked him about Poem’s 2019 plans, “For sure we will have a new release before the end of 2019. Of course we want to play as much as we can and to tour as much as we can! It would be great if we could meet you in person next year!”

Bergstorm finalized his talk with us by revealing his favorite Greek Metal names and suggestions, “It’s not just one. We’d suggest you a couple of bands though, not albums – if that’s ok with you.”

“If you have some time, we’d definitely suggest you to listen to Socrates, Mother Of Millions, Need, Verbal Delirium, Mother Turtle, tardive dyskinesia…. They are so so many and so so good.”