Stavros Rigos

Stavros Rigos was born in 1980 in Athens where he currently resides. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 at the National Music Conservatory of Halandri, Athens and around 12 he moved on to the guitar.

In 1995 he started playing the drums, studying with professor Mr. Kostopoulos and then Mr.Feggos. During the following years, he studied next to Mr. Dorizas (Modern Music School) and later with Mr.Christodoulakis (Conservatory of Nakas). From 2006 to 2011 he attended various drum seminars, some of which are: Mr. Sidirokastritis (adjust feeling in drums), Mr.Kapilidis (funk), Mr. Stavropoulos (fusion, jazz), Mr.Doumanis (polyrythmia), Mr. Antonio Sanckez (Latin, Bossa, Clave), and others…

In 1996 he started playing with the music band “Override” and records with them their first demo album, entitled “This is not a game”. Later the band was renamed to “Tardive Dyskinesia” and in 2006 released the album “Distorted point of view” and in 2009 the album “The sea of see through skins”, which was promoted worldwide. Besides recording, he had a significant involvement in the composition process. The year 2010 finds him on a European tour, next to the Americans “ProPain” and the Belgians “KomaH”. He has shared the stage with Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour, Intronaut, etc. He has recorded drums for the album “Crossovers” of the music band “Kaijin”, has performed live for band “Sun Of Nothing”, while his acquaintance with ProPain brought him personal friendship and a creative collaboration with the guitarist, Tom Klimckuck in a very promising project.

He joined Poem in 2011.

He has studied graphic design and in the recent years gives private drum and guitar lessons.

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