Piotr Jasinsky Kremizakis

Piotr Jasinski Kremizakis was born in 1978 in Athens where he currently resides.

He started studying the classical guitar under Ms. Irene Konsta at the age of 12 and added bass and electric guitar to his interests four years later.  He graduated with a diploma in 2000. He continued to explore a wide range of musical genres and has been tutored by many great teachers, some of those being: the extraordinary conductor and author George Hadjinikos, classical harmony teacher Efstathios Kallianos, bass guitarists Antonis Papadopoulos, Giotis Kiourtsoglou, Yorgos Fakanas and others. He has also attended numerous seminars, with a few notable beeing by Billy Seehan, Dimiter Christof and Nikolaos Panagiotidis.

Since 2002, Petros is working as a session musician in a wide variety of musical styles (rock, metal, pop, traditional, afrocuban etc.), having played on shows, musicals, venues, bars, theaters, tv and radio stations, and has played and recorded for many popular artists and bands in Greece, like Kollectiva, Vasilis Papakostantinoy, Hristos Thiveos, Spiros Grammenos, Evridiki, Victoria Tagouli, Hristos Theodorou, John Skoulas, P-minor, Demmi, Panos Mouzourakis, Buenaventura, GroupoAnaconda, Sonido Latino and many others. In 2018 he joined the music band 9mm and in 2019 started his first productions in collaboration with “133 Studio” with P-minor band and his student Stratos Fygetakis.

Although the oldest guy in the band, he’s the most recent member of the Poem family, joining in 2021.

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