“Weakness” new video clip

So, it’s time for our second video clip from Skein Syndrome! This time we’ll be giving you… “Weakness”! Since this is a really emotionally loaded song to us, our wish was to make something that could succesfully convey the same feelings to you. To do that, we felt that we had to slightly breach the conventional boundaries of the usual “rock band music video” and take a different approach. By our side in this undertaking was, once again, the exceptional Haris Kountouris (director & camera) and the equally exceptional Panos Fubar (director & camera). Both these guys with their amazing creativity and professionalism, turned our wish into reality. As if this wasn’t enough, we had the privilege to enlist Mr Thanasis Nakos as our lead actor. Impressive actor and a great guy!

Finally, we want to thank our Make Up Artist Tzortzina Kirkili, for her patience and talent!

Well, if you read this far, thanks for your time, hope you enjoy our new video as much as we do and see you very soon at our next gig!