the great secret show (Metal Hammer Greece)

Review by Errikos Aslanis

The best Greek debut album since the ’00s and one of the 10 best albums of the Greek metal scene ever released. Just simple as that. The interesting thing with “the great secret show” is that it doesn’t reject any good music idea, regardless their origin. It’s hard to categorize it and to place it under under a specific label, progressive, alternative, stoner. It’s everything and much more. It’s the grace that “bouzouki” meets “Alice in chains” at “instinct”. It’s the reggae splashes “Against me”. It’s setting to music the poem “I Will Put Chaos Into 14 Lines” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Are the high level vocals from G. Prokopiou which constitute another music instrument. I’m saying these now, but I won’t stand to see those guys disappear too. It will be a mistake without return.

Source: Metal Hammer Greece