Stratos Chaidos


Stratos Chaidos was born in 1982 in Athens where he currently resides. He started playing the bass when he was about 15 years old, at the Municipal Music Conservatory of Ampelokipous Athens, where he studied for several years.

His first music bands’ name was “Wastefall” and the year 2004 will find him playing music with them. He released with them their first album the same year and two years later he plays the bass with the band “Demarrage” and releases with them their second album titled “Insect”. In 2007, he joined the band “ATM”, with whom he takes the first place in the Nakas Concept Conservatory competition. With “ATM”, he released a mini LP entitled “Miden” and the album “An einai etsi”. He has been part of several acoustic and electric cover bands and projects.

He’s a member of the Poem gang since 2011.

He has studied marketing and automatisms and has been working as a technician of Apple products.