Music Festival (GR) Interview (2014)

What are your 10 favorite bands?

Tool, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Messuggah, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Jeff Buckley, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree

Your childhood heroes?

Gargamel and Cheetara.

What’s on your playlist these days?

Except some personal “classics” I mentioned above, I always find time to listen to the local underground scene. There are some true diamonds waiting to be found, great musicians, creative and with remarkable composing skills.

What’s the band up to these days? When should we expect the new album, are there any upcoming gigs, have there been any changes to your sound?

We’re in a constant struggle in order to finally release the second album, after many delays, changes and obstacles. We’re aiming for a release this fall. Our next gig will be on 19/7 at Mousika Kymata in Nea Makri, a festival that has managed to establish itself as an institution for supporters of this genre. We are also to play a big gig abroad in mid-August, alongside huge names, but this will be announced when we’re 100% ready! At the same time, we’re preparing to play a few acoustic shows from July to September with our “HeoraH Project”, in a rather pleasant and summerly mood.

Regarding our sound, in relation to our first album, there are certainly differences as there have been substantial changes in our lineup. “Skein Syndrome” has been recorded with our new bassist, Stratos and our new drummer, Stavros, both distinct personalities with their own approach to music.

What’s your view on the local scene?

Greece is a very difficult place for musicians of our genre. There are many great artists, with exceptional musical talent, most of whom will never have the chance to receive proper recognition. The shallow Greek pop bouzouki scene unfortunately dominates the market. There are bands like Need, Tardive Dyskinesia, Mother Turtle and countless others that are on par with already acclaimed “titans” of the scene, but the only way for them to make it (including us) is to seek their luck abroad.

USA or UK?

UK loves its children, it’s hard for foreign musicians to succeed. US on the other hand, has a huge selection of bands and musicians from all over the world, but I think the opportunities there are greater. So, I choose the US!

Greece and austerity, is there a future for the arts or does it face the danger of extinction due to financial collapse?

No, on the contrary, I there are positive things happening even in this crisis. It’s almost as if we have become more stubborn and actually improve in many areas. Not only in music, but also in other arts.

What’s your opinion on pirating music and other art forms?

That’s a hard thing to answer. There seem to be two opinions on the subject: Piracy kills music… Piracy kills greedy corporations… I don’t know. I believe it’s up to everyone individually and their own personal judgement.

Have you thought of moving from Greece?

Yes, of course. We base our actions on this, in order to reach our goals and follow our dreams. If we get the chance to go abroad, we’re off immediately. For better or worse, our music has a better chance outside Greece. Maybe, this way we’ll learn to love this country. You know… as immigrants. We’d visit 2 months a year, for a bit of sea and sun!

Whats your means of psychotherapy?

It’s music itself. Through creation or expression.

Favorite Greek bands?

Raw in Sect, Need, Tardive Dyskinesia, Universe 217, Head Cleaner, Wreckage, Yellow Devil Sauce, Mother turtle, 3 Fold Pain sleeping pillow, Allens and many many more!

Fame or money?

Both fame and money! Enough with the mediocrity! Give ‘em all!

Interview by: Xristos Tsantalis