Live Review Unique European tour (the progspace – In English)


Finally, we came to the headliner, and the reason most of the audience had come: Poem. The Greeks were hungry for blood after having released their third album “Unique” just two days before the Hoofddorp show, and clearly gave everything they had from the first note. The band has the professionalism, stage presence, talent, and songwriting skills of a much bigger act, and one can only hope that festival organizers and the progressive community will give them the attention they deserve in the future. Hitting it off from the beginning with the powerhouse that is ‘False Morality’, and they did not let go of the audience before the end of the gig.

Together with the new “Unique”, their flawless sophomore album “Skein Syndrome” gives the band an impressive number of catchy tracks to choose from. Quite special for a band that only has three releases under its sleeve so far. The band powered through a set featuring the new album in its entirety, as well as some favorites from “Skein Syndrome”, such as the emotional ‘Weakness’ and ending with the titan anthem ‘Remission of Breath’. Personally, Rune would have loved to hear his all-time Poem favorite ‘The End Justifies The Means’ included, but that’s left for another gig. All in all a very good night for the band, showing how talented these Greeks are, and clearly demonstrating the vocal prowess of front-man George Prokopiou.

Sound engineer Ektoras Tsolakis deserves a special nod as the sound in Hoofddorp was close to perfect this evening. He clearly knew all the ins and outs of the music and was able to bring out all the little details and nuances. Also, the sound was pleasant, and not too loud. On the way out of the venue there were a lot of smiling faces and happy audience members, all in all, a night to remember.

In Munich, the four greeks were ripping through their set equally with fierce ferocity and pure playfulness at once, like they were catering to an audience for at least 400 and not only 40. Despite some technical fuck-ups, they kept their spirits high and once again claimed that orphaned alternative prog metal throne they rightfully deserve in Dario’s eyes. Hamburg’s show had a couple of sound issues, but George’s charisma and a flawless set more than made up for it. And just when Luis thought the show couldn’t get any more interesting, Takis Fiotos needed a 2-minute bathroom break after playing ‘Unique’, and proceeded to drop his bass, run for it, and come back to play ‘Brightness of Loss’.