Echo Adventures Interview (2014)

  • What is the meaning of the band’s name?

It’s a quite nice sounding name, one of those you can remember easily. That’s what we were looking for, so we ended up with “POEM”.


  • Money or fame?

If we were actually granted a wish, say from a genie, why limit ourselves? Let’s say both!


  • Could you give me a phrase that characterizes the band?

“The end justifies the means”


  • Defining moment of the band?

There are actually two defining moments. The first one, was when our drummer Kamil, decided to part ways with the band in order to pursue a career abroad, doing what he loves. The second, when our guitarist George announced to us that due to occupational and family obligations, he wouldn’t be able to continue with the band. In both cases, we knew that we had to keep going, but that finding replacements would be really hard. Not only because they were exceptional musicians, great music minds and gifted composers, but also because we all had great chemistry between us and were very good friends. We still are of course, but off stage.


  • What genre of music expresses you the most or the least?

Well, the least would be anything related to skiladiko (TN: derogatory term to describe a simplified decadent form of traditional Greek music, could be characterized as commercialized traditional-pop). To clarify, not traditional Greek music… but skiladiko. We are extremely annoyed when a traditional song or melody, is sacrificed on the altar of skiladiko and loses its magic and everything it symbolized in the past.


  • If music was a superweapon, what would you use it against?

Against greed.


  • Who would you like to share the stage with?

Since this is a rhetorical question and keeping in mind that there’s that genie somewhere around, except for money and fame, we’d wish for Pink Floyd to somehow exist again and share the same stage with us.


  • Music and politics/religion?

Political and religious expression in the context of diversification, as a cry for change, will always exist in our music.


  • Your influences?

Tool, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Meshuggah, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Jeff Buckley, King Crimson, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, and others…


  • Is talent accompanied by conceit or humbleness?

Truth is, conceit is more popular than humbleness. Ideally though, talent should only be accompanied by humbleness.


  • A wish to the band?

Most importantly, let’s wish we’ll all be strong and in good health. After that, we strive to release Skein Syndrome during fall and by Christmas, wish we’ll be permanent residents of Gothenburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen!


  • What is the darkest part in music creation?

The interference of human greed, resulting in deviation from its true purpose.


Interview by: Jacek Maniakowski

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