Check out a few press quotes for “Unique”

Metal Temple – With “Unique,” they have firmly established themselves as accomplished and sophisticated songwriters with a stalwart sense of melody development that makes you ache for more.
Experience the Power fanzine 8/10 – From the opening notes (and songs) it is clearly witnessed that the band has full confidence both for the direction they want to follow and how to execute these ideas.The bonding and the live performances helped them gain this and the third album sound definitely far more matured, focused, defined and consistent.
Sliding Backwards (GR) 8/10 – Unique includes one of the best songs of 2018. Poem is a universal band and they deserve more.
Metalized (world) – Unique is an album with subtle influences from Tool, but it is of such high quality, that Tool could only dream of releasing such an album in 2018! Poem have launched themselves as one of the best progressive bands in the world. Their songwriting, musicianship, inspiration and creativity are perfect. Unique is the best prog metal album of the year.
Rock pages (GR) – Music that’s too good. Compositions you want to hear again, melodies that stick to your mind, forty minutes filled with essential not unnecessary elements.
Lords of metal (NL) 87/100 – This is the ‘new’ progressive style we love! This band has enough own inventive ideas to be considered a welcome addition to the progressive scène. An amazing record!
Metal Temple 10/10 – They have firmly established themselves as accomplished and sophisticated songwriters with a stalwart sense of melody development that makes you ache for more. This album is the total package folks!
Metal1 9/10 – POEM has succeeded in creating an outstanding Progressive Metal album that raises the bar in this genre for 2018 very early on.
The PROG Mind 8/10 – Poem deserves your ears on this new album “Unique”.
Time For Metal 8/10 – Poem has proven with their third album that they can truly write really good songs.
Much Metal 8/10 – Every time I listen to ‘Unique’, I enjoy the experience.
Deep Beneath – Production and execution are, prospectively, brilliant. I believe that with this excellent work Poem surely level up and move even closer to a wider recognition.
Metalfan (NL) – There is not much to complain about and the Greeks can be proud of the new collection of songs, which always asks to be listened to again.
Art core magazine (GR) – There is not even one second that it is lost, in this album
Eclectic Shadows 9/10 – The album does not need recommendations, presentations or reviews to convince the last man on earth that it is here  and is great .It stands for itself and it’s here to make you love it  like I have.
Rockoverdose (GR) 90/100 – “Unique” is just another diamond. Already one of the most important albums of the year interacts with the heart and the soul of the listener.
Rockabulary (GR) 9/10 – “Unique” becomes an important point for the band’s career. It is the ‘golden’ ticket opens the doors with great ease for an international career.
Rock in Athens (GR) – “Unique” is full with memorable moments and is now one of the most important releases of the year.
Live reviewer (NL) 4/5 – It is clearly a matured album that gets better every time you listen to it.
Sweden Rock Magazine (SE) 8/10 – These guys can certainly handle their instruments and they also clearly seem to know a lot about 90s metal. The anger and darkness ever-present in their music flirts with Tool and similar groovy bands of said decade. The combination is fairly exquisite.
The progspace (DE) 4/5 – “Unique” showcases what Poem can do very well: groovy riffs, interesting compositions and incredible middle sections that redefine every song. This is a worthy album for prog fans who don’t mind to have a lot of grooves and pounding drums.
Metal hammer (GR) 8/10 – Poem manages to match the dynamics, keep the interest unchanged. They know how to create complete songs.
Rock Area (PL) 9/10 – Emotionally inspired, fantastic production. Music that wakes up the interest of the listener. (GR) 4,5/5 – An album, which allows them to expand their audience and put then on the proper way for further recognition.
Metalirium (CZ) 8/10 – An emotionally diverse album, grows like a lively, progressively evolving organism that has its own life to live.
 Jupiter Variation – While Skein Syndrome was excellent, this one is almost perfect ! Their progressive metal provides a personal and distinct character to their compositions, finally making Unique really unique!
Metal Na Lata (BR) 8/10-  The great variety in harmonies and riffs!
Acta infernalis – Deathliger’s Reviews (FR) – Really different from a song to another, Unique is a really good album. Musicians took time to give an identity which could only be developed by them through sometimes dark sometimes technical riffs.